Drawing with Charcoal

Today we made art out of Charcoal. While we were doing this we were instructed to look more at how the light was on the objects rather than their lines. For me I would say this is really hard to do but I was able to try. Others this comes easy and that is right brain verses left brain. The right brain wants you to draw the lines and the left brain is more spacial and can judge just shading in. After we had the shading then we could go more to make it look like the object that we were drawing.

Another thing we learned is that Nate can draw a lot better than I can. I had tried to get two bowls drawn and struggled with that. On the other hand I thought that Nate’s drawing looked really good. Unfortunately I was unable to stay down their the whole time and get to learn all of the tips and tricks but what I did learn was the basics to drawing using charcoal.


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