Engineering Day

On Saturday we got to see a few different engineering organizations come and present about what they do for an hour. There you could learn about industrial engineering, or about the video game club on campus. After that hour we were able to enjoy lunch while playing Family Feud. There were two teams of four that participated in the event. There were seven questions that were answered by different engineering majors around campus.

After that we did a soda can drop. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it is like an egg drop but it is a can of soda instead. At the same time other members of the group were making bridges out of Popsicle sticks and wood glue. The groups were given around an hour to make the given to make the items. The hour following that we heard form Mr. Roper who has experience as a civil engineer in the field.

We ended that day where we broke the cans of soda. It may have taken a few drops to break some of the cans while one broke on the first try. We learned that we may have given a little to much for supplies to the groups which caused for multiple drops, so as the drops progressed we made people take away supplies. Then on Monday at the end of hall council we broke the bridges using weights and they could hold a lot.


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