Coming to Morrow Hall this Saturday is Engineering Day or E-Day for short. Beginning at 11 AM sharp we are going to be having a JAM-PACKED day of fun for all majors not just engineering! To begin we are starting with having some different organizations coming to set up some of their demonstrations and showing off what they have to offer. After that we are supplying a free lunch provided by RLFC of subs, chips, vegetables, and gatorade/lemonade. During lunch we are in for a treat though…We have a new game, brought to you by Morrow Hall, called Engineering Family Feud!!! You will definitely have to be there to come see what that is all about! Following lunch we are going to be having two awesome activities going on. You will have the opportunity to form teams of four and two people will be working on designing and building an engineering truss out of popsicle sticks and wood glue while the other two people work on designing an apparatus for our newly created Can Of Pop Drop (like an Egg drop). There will be points awarded for both events and a prize will be awarded for the winning team of the event! Following the creation of those two things, we have a guest speaker!! Josh’s Dad, Brian Roper, is going to be coming to present “Beyond the Technical: The Other Side of Engineering & Owning Your Career.” It is going to be an outstanding opportunity to get some great information from a Professional Engineer from the state of Wisconsin who works for the Wisconsin DOT. After that…WE FINALLY GET TO BREAK BRIDGES AND DROP CANS OF POP. Wowza. That will be fun! You should all definitely try to come out to the program and be there the full time. We have a lot of fun planned and I am super excited to see you all there!



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