Am I too Sexy?

Today I went to go see Stan Person who came to talk on campus. He is a motivational comedian and he tries to get people interacting with him. He talked about finding your sexy from the inside out. He used the acronym SALSA when motivating us.

Support. This is where you start out and it is like laying a foundation to a building. You can only go as high as the support allows.  The support that you have is the people around you and you need them there to help you when you fall.

Act. This goes with the other parts of the acronym but acting is where you put yourself forward. If you have the dream then you need to act on them and if something fails you have the support to go back to.

Learn. You have to always be willing to learn, not just from friends and teachers but also people that you do not always like. In order to learn though you can not let the anger in otherwise that is all you are focused on.

Strive. You have to set yourself up for success so that means not being lazy and go do it. If you have a dream don’t let your dreams be dreams, go for them.

Accept. This is where you accept everything that you have done but you also accept if something falls short. In order to improve you need to accept what has happened and go back to learn from it.

His website is


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