Stanley Parable

If you have not played the Stanley Parable, I highly recommend playing it. It is a game where a narrator walks you through a story and along the way you have choices to make. The answer that is best for the story is to listen to the narrator. If you don’t then the game becomes more messed up. If you follow the story you find out that you are being mind controlled. If you do not follow the set path you just start to get more and more confused.

The way I look at the game is that it is easier to follow the directions given to you rather then go your own way as you might end up getting lost. I also look at it is there is such a thing as free will but even then the choice you make has a set outcome that can be either positive and negative. I have not played through all of the endings so I may be able to say more about it once I do.

The game can be bought from steam for only $15 or you could download the demo. If you are interested in playing it let me know because I will let you play the game and we can talk about it while you are playing. To watch game play go to here which has all 18 of the possible endings.



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