Curt Patrouille

Last night I went to go see Curt Patrouille who is a UW-Platteville Alumn. He served in the United States Army, and has served two tours.

At the speech he talked about resilience, and its importance. He also talked about two ways that you can use to be a more resilient person. The two ways that he talked about were by no means all of the ways, he said that everyone is different and that you have to find what is best for you. One of the ways was to think positive, which can be hard but thinking positive will help you bounce better. Another thing that can help you to think positive is to set your own goals, and not let others rule. The other way that he said to help with resilience is to adapt to the situation.

He used an analogy of putting a carrot, an egg, and coffee bean into boiling water. After 20 minutes you take them out and the carrot went into the water hard but came out soft and broken down. The egg went in with a hard outside but a runny inside, it came out with a hard outside and a hard inside. The coffee beans came out of and changed the water into coffee.


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