Morrow Works week

Morrow Hall works week is in full swing, we started the week off helping the reclamation club down in memorial park. When we were down in the park we were pulling weeds around the trees that they had planted this spring. This is something that the reclamation club does multiple times a year after they plant trees because it is important to give the trees as large of a chance as possible to survive.The reclamation club planed around 1200 trees and around 70% are still growing so all they have to do is make it though the winter.

In addition to pulling weeds around the young trees we also were asked to pull out any mustard plants as possible. These are also weeds and they are starting to hibernate so if we pull them out completely now they will not have time to germinate and leaving more in the area. I personally did not see any of the mustard plant but I saw what they are. The way to describe these plants are that the leaves are almost a complete circle and when you break a leave it smells like mustard.


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